. Faith’s pink ribbons are an example of a A. parable. B. fable. C. genre. D. symbol. 2. In the story “Paul’s Case,”

Composition II Literary Research Paper
November 9, 2020
ENC 2135
November 10, 2020

. Faith’s pink ribbons are an example of a A. parable. B. fable. C. genre. D. symbol. 2. In the story “Paul’s Case,”

1. Faith’s pink ribbons are an example of a A. parable. B. fable. C. genre. D. symbol. 2. In the story “Paul’s Case,” why is Paul irritated and wretched after the concert? A. His real life is so different from his dream. B. He has spoken with the singer. C. He has seen his English teacher. D. He has to walk home in the rain. 3. Analyzing Hawthorne’s complex story “Young Goodman Brown,” it’s reasonable to conclude that Goodman Brown’s perception or interpretation of events represents a setting at the _______ level. A. literal B. psychological C. imaginary D. supernatural 4. According to the analyses of the stories you were asked to read, “A Pair of Silk Stockings” best represents literary A. allegory. B. realism. C. symbolism. D. escapism. 5. The wicked witch and the big bad wolf are examples of A. dynamic characters. B. anecdotes. C. protagonists. D. archetypes. 6. Twain’s account of Colonel Rall’s speech (“full of gunpowder and glory”) is contrasted most vividly to the Marion Ranger’s collective remorse over A. the strange affair at “CampDesolation.” B. following Captain Lyman into a trap. C. rebuffing Dunlap’s wise advice. D. the shooting of an unarmed rider. 7. In “Young Goodman Brown,” what is meant by “a hoary corpse”? A. A lonely man B. An extremely old dead body C. A respected person D. A promiscuous person 8. In “Young Goodman Brown,” the allegorical meaning of Faith’s pink ribbons is A. daylight. B. betrayal. C. virtue. D. femininity. 9. At the beginning of “Young Goodman Brown,” Brown’s wife says, “Pray tarry with me this night, dear husband, of all nights in the year” (1). This statement is an example of A. ambiguity. B. foreshadowing. C. satire. D. irony. 10. Which one of the following short stories is an example of an allegory? A. “Paul’s Case” B. “Young Goodman Brown” C. “The Private History of a Campaign That Failed” D. “A Pair of Silk Stockings” 11. In Twain’s “The Private History of a Campaign that Failed,” Smith, the blacksmith’s apprentice, is given “ultimate credit” for A. naming the militia group’s encampments. B. being killed in battle. C. keeping the group trained and ready for battle. D. earning the rank of sergeant. 12. What author saw hypocrisy in the lives of the Puritans? A. Mark Twain B. Nathaniel Hawthorne C. Kate Chopin D. Willa Cather 13. Archetypes are a type of _______ that appear throughout history. A. subgenre B. palliation C. foreshadowing D. motif 14. What is the climax in Willa Cather’s short story “Paul’s Case”? A. Paul reads about his theft in the newspaper. B. Paul takes the train to New York. C. Paul jumps in front of the train. D. Paul meets the boy from Yale. 15. Studying the plot elements in “A Pair of Silk Stockings,” you might reasonably conclude that the essence of her story A. reflects the despair of daily life. B. is found in its sensual descriptions. C. emphasizes the hardship of poverty. D. is identical to Paul’s in “Paul’s Case.” 16. In “Paul’s Case,” members of the faculty don’t like Paul’s carnation because they think A. it doesn’t match his other clothing. B. it’s effeminate for a man to wear a flower. C. it’s the mark of an early death. D. it suggests that he’s not taking things seriously. 17. Which one of the following words best describes Goodman Brown at the end of Hawthorne’s story? A. Innocent B. Relieved C. Safe D. Despairing 18. Foreshadowing means A. describing what happens at night—for example, in a dark basement. B. showing the readers the dark side of a character’s personality. C. putting secondary characters in the foreground of the story. D. hinting at things that will occur later. 19. In “Young Goodman Brown,” Hawthorne reveals his feelings about his Puritan ancestors when A. the dark man reveals that he helped Brown’s forebears persecute others. B. Brown strives to resist his dark mission. End of exam C. Brown discovers his catechism teacher is on speaking terms with the Devil. D. Faith expresses her anxieties about young Brown’s departure. 20. In Mark Twain’s account of a “campaign that failed,” his satire is aimed at the _______ of making an adventure appear more glorious than it was. A. embarrassment B. tragedy C. confusion D. hypocrisy

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