Evolution Of Education Timeline

Margaret Williams is an RN for Concentra, she works at US Steel in Clairton, PA. Margaret has been in nursing for twenty-six years, half of this time was spent working in the hospital until about 2006
October 28, 2020
October 29, 2020

Evolution Of Education Timeline

Assignment Content

  1. Create a timeline using an online resource (e.g., Office Timeline, MyHistro, OurStory, Timeline JS) to display how education has evolved throughout your lifetime. 
    • Include a minimum of eight entries. At least six of those entries must describe important government mandates that have made major contributions to the field of education. Include examples of federal and state mandates.
    • All entries on your timeline must be supported by an explanation and proper citation. 
    • Write a 350- to 525-word summary on the following topics: 
    • The current organizational structure of the American educational system
    • How the events described on your timeline influenced your decision to become a teacher
    • What you hope to contribute to the field of education 
    • Include APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference page.
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