Essay I – Rhetorical Analysis Essay


For your first essay, you will rhetorically analyze a reading from the They Say I Blog website – Please note: Readings that consist of interview transcripts or readings that are older than 2014 are off limits. The goal of a rhetorical analysis is not only to identify what the argument/purpose is, but also to explain how that argument is conveyed to the specific intended audience using the three rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos).   In this essay, you should address the writer’s purpose (i.e. the point or argument of the essay), what the author is responding to (consider They Say / I Say strategies), the intended audience, and how the speaker uses the rhetorical appeals to convey his or her point effectively or ineffectively to the intended audience. You must address all three of the rhetorical appeals. If an appeal is lacking, you should address why that appeal might not be present.   Also note: You are not arguing for or against the writer’s view(s). The purpose of this assignment is to identify the purpose of the essay, as well as analyze how this message is conveyed, so do not include your personal opinion on the author or topic.   Do not incorporate outside research on the author or topic; focus only on what is contained in the article itself. If you need to research anything about the publication (i.e. the “About Us” page on the website) in order to talk about context or ethos, you may do so, but it should be cited separately. You should be able to complete a successful analysis based solely on what is in the text you analyze. Alert: As you peruse the blog, a group of headlines followed by summaries shows up. Be aware that the article itself is the link at the bottom of the summary paragraph that you initially see. (If you click Join the Conversation, it leads to a series of “thought provokers” that may help your own analysis of the article, but these paragraphs are not the article itself. Read the entire article, and that will be the basis for this essay. Additionally, you should consider the following questions: ·       Do you see evidence of any of the They Say/ I Say templates in the writing? ·       How does the author address the issues of “Who cares?” or “So what?” in the writing? ·       How would you describe the tone? Avoid using “I” in this essay. Even though you might identify with the intended audience, you should still avoid using personal ·       Must follow MLA guidelines (1” margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 point, ) ·       Must include a title (does not figure into the word count) ·       Must include header, which should be double-spaced and should include your name, instructor’s name, course, and due date (does not figure into word count) ·       Must include a Works Cited page at the end (does not figure into word count) Both websites used   My Kid? No Way: Ashley Fox on Health, Safety, and Football – They Say / I Blog NFL – Would you let your son play football? (

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