Based on what you have learned in the BAS Business Administration program in total and what you want to communicate to prospective employers. This assignment uses e-portfolio tool in Canvas as the vehicle to promote reflective thinking and as a platform for you to assess what you have gained as well as to communicate with prospective employers. This is an individual assignment that you should begin toward the beginning of the course and continue working on it throughout the term. The reflective essays will be time consuming and require you to think deeply. Describing an example and providing artifacts as proof will also be time consuming so do not wait until final week to begin. Remember that the idea is to create a portfolio that you can provide to a prospective employer to demonstrate what you learned in the program and show off how good you are with the artifacts. The idea is to create something that will impress the prospective employer and give you a competitive edge over other applicants. Instructions – Access the e-portfolio tool in Canvas under your profile account link. Click on Create e-portfolio to get started. Familiarize yourself with the program, structure, and requirements. There are several guides under the help area of Canvas on how to create, use and modify your portfolio. The link is also provided to the guides within this module.  I strongly suggest that you draft all written components in MS Word then copy/paste into the e-portfolio after proofing and final editing. After pasting, you may need to format within the text editor.  Personal information telling a prospective employer about yourself will include a bio and resume. Assessments of what you learned in various elements of the BA program. Nine assessments in total; seven on the program as a whole and two in business specific topics. See the outline provided for the required content and outcomes to be addressed. The assessments should be reflective essays on what you learned, how it changed you, and how the topic influenced your management style or ability to become an effective manager which is what a prospective employer will be looking for. In addition to the reflective essays you need to include an example from the program and provide artifacts as proof. Artifacts can be papers, examples of discussion question responses, projects, PowerPoint presentations, videos, essentially anything to demonstrate your excellence. You can dress up the page with pictures or anything you want that would impress a potential employer. You should support your reflections by citing other sources. You should save after every session where you add content but DO NOT SUBMIT until the end of class and you are 100% complete and satisfied with your work. Length – As long as you want but remember that a potential employer will probably not have hours to go over this so you need to be concise, to the point, and very clear. Layout – Required sections include the bio, resume, program learning outcomes section with individual pages for each outcome and a closing statement. See provided outline. References – Minimum number of references: As needed to support your reflections. Points will be deducted if sources are not cited and referenced. You may use books, articles from periodicals or newspapers, and peer reviewed journals. In this case you might want to include materials from classes or the classes themselves. Wikipedia and YouTube are none of these and are not acceptable references.   Graphics – Graphics, charts, pictures and art are encouraged to dress up the e-portfolio and give it some pizzazz that would impress a prospective employer. You may be as creative as you like. Citations/References – Give credit for work that is not yours by citing the source in the body of the reflective essay and providing the complete reference in the bottom section or the reflection. See APA lite for guidance.   Accessibility – For other to view your portfolio, you will need to provide them with the link to the portfolio. You may also choose to make it public. Both options are explained when you get started with the portfolio. To submit the portfolio, paste the viewing link into the comment area of the Portfolio submission box in Canvas.  *Late submissions – NONE

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