employee voice

In each week’s discussions, please respond to each topic as a separate thread. 

Label your post: Topic 1 or Topic 2 so that we know what we are reading and discussing. 

Discussion #1

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In the UMGC library, find the following article:

  • Fox, J. (2014). What Unions No Longer Do. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–4.

Discuss whether unions are still relevant and necessary in today’s work environment. What other means might be used to ensure the ‘‘employee voice’’ in the workplace? Remember to cite your references. Use at least one reference from class materials.

Please remember that quality, substance, and content are also counted, not just the number of times you participate. Please interact with your classmates.

Discussion #2

Discuss a major event in labor history that has had “carryover” to the modern practice of HR? [As an example, the Knights of Labor (KOL) promoted many ideas that were radical at the time … but common practice today!]

Explain your response, use at least one reference from course materials,  and interact with your classmates.

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