Discussion Post on Circe

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October 25, 2020
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October 25, 2020

Discussion Post on Circe

Discussion Post on Circe

This is a description of the “Discussion Post” assignment worth twenty (20) points/percent of your grade.

To complete this assignment successfully, each student will produce two (2) bullet points about the Circe episode in James Joyce’s Ulysses. Each bullet point is worth ten (10) points. Below you will find the formal requirements of these bullet points:

  • Each bullet points should be three (3) sentences in length.
  • One bullet point should be derived from pages 408-90; the other bullet point should be derived from pages 491-565.
  • Students may use information from the text itself or from the end notes for this episode on the text (920-43).
  • Students may write about the same pieces of information from the novel, but students must come to independent conclusions about that information. In other words, no student should simply agree with or restate information/conclusions from another student’s Discussion Posts.
  • These posts are due on Wednesday (20 February 2019) by 1:00 pm. Each student will have a space with her/his name in the “Discussion” section of our EC Learn page to post his/her bullet points.
  • On Thursday (21 February 2019), students will use their Discussion Posts to generate a high-level conversation about this episode in Joyce’s novel or about this episode’s relationship to other episodes in the novel.

Please attend to my comments on your first bullet point assignment. I was very generous in my grading of that first assignment. These bullet points are attempting to communicate important information about the Circe episode to readers who have an investment in Joyce’s novel.

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