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.Researchers are continually bringing to light new, supporting, or changed information which shape the practices and beliefs within the health world. You are going to use the information from your textbook about the CAM movement to see if and how the information presented by the author of your textbook has changed — or not — in the past three-years.  Choose a practice and application of that practice from the CAM movement described in your textbook. For example: The practice of yoga as applied to reducing anxiety and stress Next, find one quality research/scholarly reports from within the last 3-years that either supports or refutes what your textbook says about the CAM practice and application you chose (You may wish to use the link to the TWU Health Studies Subject Guide) Citing specific references from your text, the supplementary videos, as well as, the resources from the additional articles and websites I provided in addition to just the textbook, describe why the materials you found/chose to use are quality materials, and come from valid and reliable sources. (I have attached chapter 8 for your review) Described what you learned about the CAM practice in regards to the application you chose to focus on. Did you find what you expected to find? Why or why not? Did the information presented in your text about the CAM practice and application you chose prove to be still relevant, reliable, and accurate? Why or why not? Were there changes or updates? What are the two most important skills health educators need to teach consumers in order for consumers to be more discerning about choosing CAM-related health products and services? Be sure to support your belief and opinion with evidence. After you have given your answers in this Discussion Board (minimum of 350 words) Supplemental Information links that could be helpful: https://twu.instructure.com/courses/2913821/modules/items/56306488 https://twu.instructure.com/courses/2913821/modules/items/56306489 https://twu.instructure.com/courses/2913821/modules/items/56429172 https://twu.instructure.com/courses/2913821/modules/items/56306492

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