Discussion Board For Art?

Describe the foreign and/or domestic policies of Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton. 1)
November 19, 2020
Many states have legalized marijuana for medical use.
November 19, 2020

Discussion Board For Art?

Lesson 2 Can Destruction be Art?Please watch these videos, and then write a 600 word essay in answer to the following questions: Did Rauschenberg complete a work of art or did he destroy one? Can you make this piece fit with any of the four “roles of the artist” that you covered back in Chapter 1? (Videos should open into a player within Bb)

If you cannot open the videos (and even if you can), please read these articles:



Watch Video Pace’s Arne Glimcher on Robert Rauschenberg’s “Erased de Kooning Drawing” (1953)  Watch Video 
Robert Rauschenberg – Erased De Kooning

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