Developmental Instruction


Write a 5-page paper discussing why it is important to consider development when planning instruction (address all areas: physical, cognitive, social, self/personal, emotional, language, etc.). Make sure that you cite all references properly and that you reference all sources (at least 5). APA 7th Edition format is required. After you have written the paper, use the Sped K-12 Lesson Plan Format  to write a lesson plan. Choose/Specify a grade level & subject that you feel comfortable with or that will benefit you in your current teaching situation. This lesson plan should reflect at least two areas of development (please highlight areas) in the section(s) that differentiate learning for the specific needs of students. Please submit this entire assignment in one document and please find the attached layout or the lesson plan. I prefer you to make the lesson plan for elementary students first grade, second , or third grade preferably. So there should be 5 pages of content and another page of the lesson plan, please make sure there is a reference page and title page.

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