DEC 250 – Reflective Journal Response #5

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October 30, 2020
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October 30, 2020

DEC 250 – Reflective Journal Response #5

DEC 250 – Reflective Journal Response #5

The Other Wes Moore Journal Prompts

The following is a list of questions related to the assigned reading in the novel, choose one or more of these prompts (or one of your own choosing) and write a reflective journal response (at least 350 words) using the chart that follows. You must include a quotation AND its location in the novel as part of your response. You will use the chart to complete the blog assignment and then upload the finished product to Moodle.

Each reflective journal must be submitted to Moodle BEFORE class on the due date. You do not have to wait until we discuss the novel in class; you can submit it ANYTIME before the due date. Each response will be entered through the Turnitin software in Moodle, so if any part of YOUR reflection has been plagiarized or copied from the Internet or another source, you will receive a ZERO. Because this is a personal reflection, language using the first person point of view is appropriate (I, me, my, etc.).

Criteria for evaluation include thoughtfulness/ insightfulness, development, and integration of course material. (Please note that minimum effort receives a maximum grade of C-)

Possible Journal Prompts:

1. On page 126, Wes writes that, “The expectations that others place on us form our expectations of ourselves.” What does this quote mean and how does it speak to the importance of personal and public accountability? How does your resume reflect the expectations you have for yourself?

2. Building upon your strengths and overcoming your shortcomings, brainstorm three things you can do to improve your resume. For each example, consider the following a) what are the steps you need to take, b) what/who are the resources and support systems you will need to accomplish this, and c) when do you plan to complete this task?

3. On page 133, Wes writes that Colonel Murphy left Valley Forge for cancer treatment and said, “When it is time for you to leave this school, leave your job, or even leave this earth, you make sure you have worked hard to make sure it mattered you were ever here.” As you start your college journey, what will you do “to make sure it mattered you were ever here”? Identify at least three ways you will make your time here matter. Explain a) what steps you need to take and b) what resources and support systems you will need to accomplish this.

4. On page 179, Wes writes, “…We make decisions based on what we see in that limited world and follow the only model available.” Do you agree or disagree with his quote? Consider your own strengths and shortcomings. How does this quote apply to your own experience in overcoming expectations?

Name:Date:Course AND section #:
APA-style Reference entry for the novel
Questions for reflection on the reading:Type in your chosen response question(s) or one of your own choosing here.
Reflective Journal Response to the reading:Respond to the question(s) you have listed above here. You must have at least 350 words IN THIS SECTION to earn the minimum grade of a C-.
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