Data Visualisation for Business

Question 1

Read the Microsoft 2019 Shareholder Letter, before working on this assignment. Please also refer to Microsoft 2019 Annual Report ( for more information on the company.

(a) Describe Microsoft’s Mission statement

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(b) Microsoft did not explicitly state their Vision statement. Based on the Shareholder Letter, discuss what Microsoft’s vision was for 2020 in your opinion.

(c) Explain Microsoft’s strategic themes. Name the strategic themes and provide a brief description of each of the strategic theme.

(d) What are some of the challenges that may be faced in each of the four stages of data visualisation process? Illustrate the answer with respect to the above case.

(e) Identify at least two (2) interesting points from the data in Microsoft’s 2019 Annual Report. For each interesting point you discovered, summarise the data in your report, and explain why you think this point is interesting; discuss whether this point is good or bad to the company, and make recommendations accordingly.

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