Data Aggregation

a). Read the article,‘Data aggregation’s new frontier,’by Wisniewski, M. (2017), which can be assessed through the library. The article’s hyperlink is currently not valid. (b). To encourage the development of higher thinking skills, you should reflect on the effect technological innovation is having on the auditing profession, financial statement auditing concepts such as audit evidence, financial statement assertions, blockchain, automation, and data analytics. Read the journal articles by Aldhizer (2017) and Jagst (2016) to obtain background on disruptive technologies’influence onauditing and financial accounting. Both the articles are in the references list of your assessment task. The articles can be assessed through the library.(c). Once tasks under (4) above are completed, evaluate the differences between the traditional credit approval process in banking, and compare to ‘Kabbage’s credit approval process in the case study. (d). Kabbage incorporates applicants’ social media activity, a form of qualitative data, into their lending decisions.Evaluate the application of social media and other qualitative data sources as evidence on financial audits.

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