Cyberbullying and a Student’s Suicide

Reflection Paper #5
October 30, 2020
Week 1 Discussions
October 30, 2020

Cyberbullying and a Student’s Suicide

Read all the directions before continuing.


Cyberbullying and a Student’s Suicide at

Colleges Face Legal Limits in Policing Online Misbehavior at

How should we deal with cases like the suicides of Tyler Clementi ( and Phoebe Prince (

One website reports, “All of the Supreme Court’s student speech cases have involved speech occurring on school grounds or during school-sponsored activities. As a result, there is no clear indication of whether schools can punish cyberbullying occurring outside of a school context. The Supreme Court must confront the issue of whether a school violates a student’s free speech rights by punishing them for creating, on their own time and using their own computers, electronic material that mocks or insults school officials or classmates. Until they do, lower courts will continue to struggle with the resolution of this issue.”

From Cyberbullying (–cyberbullying.html).

Now, answer both of the following questions:

Have you thought about your own digital footprint? Have you posted photos, videos, or comments you would like to erase. Google your name and see what comes up. What level of privacy did you expect as an Internet user? 

“Do colleges and schools have any authority when students misuse electronic devices both on and off school property? If there are cases of cyberbullying involving computers, cellphones, and social-network sites like Facebook and Twitter, does an institution have a legal basis to step in? Or is it stepping on free speech?” 

In order to earn the full points  for this assignment, you must:

Directly and completely answer the questions.

Clearly and accurately explain your answer.

Include examples, quotes and/or paraphrases in your answer.  Compose a unified paragraph using effective sentence structure, word choice, and grammatical correctness.  

Respond to another student’s post explaining the reason for your agreement or disagreement.  

Use effective sentence structure, word choice, and grammatical correctness.

Respond to two studentss posts explaining your reaction to the political cartoon and the comments the student has made concerning the cartoon. .  

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