Cyber Engineering

Tasks to be undertaken:

1. Briefly describe each component and steps involved in designing and simulating (using LTSpice) an RC bandpass filter that can pass frequencies from 900MHz to 960MHz.

2. Design a communication network for a small building consisting of three rooms by using at least two different technologies to send two messages from room-1 to room-3 using different technology for each message. These messages must not interfere with the communication of room-2 which is using the same communication technologies (Hint: adopt the concept of collision avoidance protocol). The available technologies are Bluetooth, CAN and GSM.

3. Describe an indirect FM modulator to generate an FM carrier with the carrier frequency of 96MHz and frequency deviation of 20KHz. A narrow band FM generator with a carrier frequency of 200KHz and adjustable frequency deviation in the range of 9 to 10 Hz is available. The stock room also has an oscillator with adjustable frequency in the range of 9 to 10MHz. There is a bandpass filter with any centre frequency, and only frequency doublers are available.

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4. Briefly describe each step in the design of a CAN communication network for a car that consists of a central unit (ECU) and four monitoring systems (fuel, brake, heating, engine). Use your “P” number as ECU input identifier and assign different and unique identifier to each monitoring system. Use filter and mask to differentiate messages from ECU to monitoring system and from monitoring systems to ECU.

5. Briefly describe each step in sending a 5V/3Hz signal from source to destination using a 5V/100Hz carrier signal using AM and FM. Also, discuss the modulated signal shape and how the original 5V/3Hz signal can be reconstructed at the destination with the help of block and signal diagrams.

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