Current Issues in Canada

Now that you have an understanding of multiculturalism in Canada you should be able to apply the policy to a specific ethnic community.  Using an ethnic community of your choosing, write a case study that explains how the group you have chosen has contributed to the cultural mosaic of Canada.  For this assignment you must use at least 5 sources, 2 of which must be academic books available on-line.  Avoid blogs or common websites that are not supported by academic institutions or formal organization.  Your report should be 5 pages, double spaced (excluding a title page and works referenced list) and should address the following information.

Demographics: Give statistical information outlining the current population of your group in Canada, identify major areas of settlement, as well as the various languages spoken by the community and the religious breakdown of the group.  Be sure to use official statistics from a government source (Census, government websites etc.  Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source

History: Give an historical overview of your community as it relates to immigration to Canada.  Identify major historical events in the sending country that produced conditions for migration, explain when and where groups settled over time, and explain how these communities have grown and developed from their arrival to the present.

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Culture: Explain, in detail, any major cultural events and observations celebrated by the community you are investigating.  These might be religious in nature (feasts, processions, holidays) or secular (parades food festivals etc.)

Representatives: Profile a minimum of three people that you feel represents their community in Canada.  (These can be politicians, athletes, artists etc.) Explain their background, profession, and why they are important figures from the community being examined.  Try to find examples that have a large cultural/social impact.  Avoid ‘influencers’ and figures that have not had a sustained impact.

The Future: Explain if the community is growing or shrinking, where community boundaries are changing, what problems the community faces, and what you think the future might look like for the community.

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