Current Issues & Future Perspectives

Discussion Topic: What priorities and trends have most influenced the changes in Canadian master’s and doctoral nursing degree curricula since the 1960s? Instruction: Quality of Original Responses to Discussion Topics (250 words maximum single spaced) Responses to discussion topics/questions should demonstrate insight and analysis. A high-quality response: •Identifies the problems or issues and addresses them directly. •Supports your position, hypothesis, or conclusion with cited sources. •Applies relevant course concepts. •Makes connections to relevant professional, personal, or other real-world experiences, when appropriate. •Content that is well researched, insightful, or beneficial to the group and posted on time. •Concise observations that present new ideas and move discussion forward. •Narrative that encourages reflection. •Student’s original postings/answers for discussion questions must , be evidence informed, and use at least two references to support discussion .

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