CRM and Selling

Company name

· Company address

· Description of Company (in detail)

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· Product or service you will be selling. You decide, but it must be B2B selling.

· Provide information about the whole Industry that your product or service is part of

· Provide information specific to the Company you are working for: what products/services they provide, years in business, target customers, annual revenue, other relevant information

· Identify 3 Needs or problems of your potential B2B customers

· Identify 3 Features and the corresponding Benefits of your company’s product/service that can resolve the customers’ needs. Remember, Features translate into Benefits, and the Benefits must solve the needs of your potential customers (see week 8 Chapter 6)

· Features vs Benefits (great video explaining features vs benefits)

· Provide information that looks at the company’s policies in regards to:

· Price strategy? What do they charge? – Explain. Be specific.

· Do they offer any cash/quantity discount? Explain. Be specific.

· Transportation charges… who pays, the buyer of the seller? How often do they ship? Are there any options?

· What is your company’s method of invoicing?

· What type of credit is available from your company? Is it 30 days, 60 days, COD, etc.?


NOTE: In assignment 3 (buyer profile) and assignment 4 (sales dialogue), I will put myself in the shoes of your customer, and as I read both assignments, it should be very clear to me how your product/service will help me.




Prospecting Methods….Looking for Potential Prospects (customers)


· Explain why prospecting is important for you as a sales representative and why you have to be strategic.

· Choose two prospecting methods and describe in detail why your prioritized these two methods as the most strategic methods for your company


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