Critique One-GMO OMG

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October 24, 2020
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Critique One-GMO OMG

Critique One-GMO OMG

Shiwen Feng #0838215

Critique One-GMO OMG

Shiwen Feng



GMO OMG is a 2013 American documentary film directed by Jeremy Seifert and directed by Elizabeth Kucinich. On September 13, 2013, the film was limited in the United States.

The documentary is on food and the whole documentary is try to answer if the GMOs have bad influence on human’s health. The biotechnology industry put pesticides into crops to avoid plant disease and insect pests, and Seifert do not think pesticides will good for people. Surfers want more people to know the truth of GMO through his documentary and try to figure if GMOs are good for human’s life.

Seifert also has provided some experiments on GMO and organic plants, from the experience of Seralini the mousses with GMO food are more likely to have a tumor. This experience supports his idea which is GMOs are bad for human’s healthy. Seifert also have proved his argument about GMOs very well he uses Seralini’s experiment to show his idea on GMOs and use Rodale Institute’s study demystify GMO food are not that important for human.

In the documentary Seifert also has provided objective exploration of GMOs, he has the comment of a farmer who think GMOs is good for people, because in the world there are ten billion people are experiencing hungry. They need GMOs to provide more food to survive. Although Seifert has provided good example of advantages of GMOs, his bias is still obviously—He thinks GMOs are bad for human beings. In my opinion, bias will affect the strength of an argument because if the director has bias he or she will always try to prove he or she is right, and sometimes may not consider about objective reasons. Therefore, after knowing the bias of the documentary, I will think about the things he talks about and make my own opinion rationally.

In sum, this is a very good documentary that worth to watch. Although the documentary has bias on GMOs, Seifert still have considered the objective reasons on GMOs. And all the things Seifert want to do is to figure out if GMOs is bad for human beings. The documentary also has contained lots of biology knowledge, and it is a good way to understand what is GMO.


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