Creation Of And Use Of Visual Aids “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”

October 24, 2020
Music Listening Assignment #2
October 24, 2020

Creation Of And Use Of Visual Aids “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”

For the Unit 3 assignment, you will continue preparing for your Unit 4 live oral presentation by creating 7–10 slides using PowerPoint. Based on the topic approved during Unit 1 and outlined in Unit 2, prepare supporting slides to include images, text, and proper citations. You will use this PowerPoint, with recommended corrections, as a guide during your live oral presentation in Unit 4. Please check the grading comments prior to your scheduled presentation, and make changes as necessary.

Adhere to the following steps to complete your assignment:

  • Create your PowerPoint slides, including title and content slides and ending with 1–2 slides that list your reference materials in appropriate format. (Be sure to refer to the assigned readings, the library, and additional course materials for PowerPoint tips.)
  • In the notes section of the first slide, indicate who the ideal audience is for the presentation, what the ideal location would be for giving the presentation, and what other visual aids or technologies (other than PowerPoint) you might use to present to that audience in that location. For example, if you were presenting this presentation face-to-face to an audience in an auditorium rather than online, what other types of visual aids or technology would you use (other than PowerPoint)?
  • In the notes area of all slides following slide 1, include the text from your Unit 2 outline that corresponds with the slide. You should also include additional notes that reflect the narrative (your planned script) that you plan to use during the presentation.
  • Add appropriate slide design such as photos, clip art, or other images to the presentation.
  • The content slides should contain APA in-text citations along with the text and visual aids.
  • Update your citations and reference list as needed.
  • Be sure to cite all references in APA format on reference slides at the end of the PowerPoint.
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