Create a Power Point Presentation to discuss the following:

Create a Power Point Presentation to discuss the following:
You have been asked to implement a new computer charting system within your hospital. The staff at the hospital has been using paper charting and the staff’s age range is from 20 to 72. You will need to address the following:
Who would you want on your team to help you as you implement this change and why? (interdisciplinary team)
What should you consider when communicating this change to staff? How should the change be communicated to staff? (in-service, shift meeting)
How are you going to implement the change, handle resistance, and be the change agent?
What issues do you need to address about the use of technology within the hospital? (security, website surfing, documentation)
What type of technology would you like to see (tablets, laptops, PC’s) why?
How do you address the concerns of your older staff who do not have a computer and are scared of them?

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