Craig Response Assignment

Craig Response Assignment

Writing Context:

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You have completed this week’s reading and viewing, and you have an introductory understanding of the categories of men’s men, men’s women, women’s men, and women’s women as they are used in advertising.  This discussion is in regards to “Men’s Men and Women’s Women” by Steve Craig, p. 182.  Be sure also to watch the videos that relate to this article.

Writing Directions:

In at least 250 words, compose an initial post regarding the following two videos:

 Miller Lite “Man Up” | Purse or carry-all? (2010) 

Camden Singer – Secret Clinical Commercial

Categorize the main characters as men’s men, men’s women, women’s men, and/or women’s women.  If there is any overlap in the categories, explain that also.  Be specific and use examples from the videos.

For clarification regarding the Craig response, please identify each of the main characters for each commercial and place him or her into one of the four categories.  Next, provide an explanation as to why this character fits into this category.  If there is overlap between categories, please explain that, also.  Use examples from the videos.  

Student Response (One)

Steve Craig’s mentions two types of men, and two types of women. For men’s men is described as masculine, the definition of what a strong male should look like. We see in the commercial video of “Miller Lite “Man Up” how there are three guys in the video and one of them is kinda of suspicious into showing what a real masculine man should portray. The girl at the bar begins teasing him because he didn’t care what the beer tasted like. She began teasing him about the purse he was wearing. It was obvious that it was a purse, although he defended as a “carry-on” but he wasn’t showing the masculinity side of him, and looked a little on the feminine or soft side of the manly side with that purse. Even the other two manly guys he had with him were teasing him about the purse since they didn’t wear such thing. The other man is the Men’s woman; which is more sexy and revealing. Basically what a female would be interested in. Even in the secret clinical commercial, the girls is attracted to the guy sitting in the office and she wants to make sure she is smelling good since she is attracted to this “men’s women” type. For the females, we start off with “woman’s men” which represent the idealistic role of a female; sweet, family orientated, and having a sense of security in the relationship. For the “Women’s Women” type, it is described as woman empowerment. In the J-Lo commercial, we see her coming out of the limousine flaunting her beautiful dress, and owning that walk. It is very encouraging for woman, and i’m pretty sure it would wanna make them have that walk and look she has.

(Write in 150 words and don’t copy this in our own response and Comment regarding this students’ analyses and offer any interpretation that you also find in his post)

Student Response (Two)

In the Miller Lite”Man Up” commercial, I believe it is an overlapping of men’s women, and men’s men. First it focuses on the men’s women due to the fact that it is showing a good looking young girl serving at the bar to the guy. She is telling him how the Miller Lite is the right choice in the Beer.  The companies believe that this type of advertising will draw a man to want to buy this brand of Beer. On the other hand, I think it also overlaps into a man’s man category due to the friends at the table and all the guys around in the bar looking more masculine. They are also making fun of the main guy with the satchel, calling it a purse and basically saying he will be a man once drinking the Miller Lite beer as well. In the Camden Singer-Secret Clinical Commercial, I believe it is an overlapping of a women’s men and a women’s women. In the beginning she is describing this new good looking guy to her coworker and then it eventually shows him. She then says, she is glad she had on the secret clinical deodorant. I think the advertisers are trying to sell the deodorant to woman, saying it will be good enough to keep them dry when nervous around the good looking guy. On the other hand it just refers to the other woman coworker that it is also a good product for women to wear in general since it is a womans product.

(Write in 150 words and don’t copy this in our own response and Comment regarding this students’ analyses and offer any interpretation that you also find in this post)

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