Court Report Assignment


Part One

1.What does the prosecution need to prove in the courtroom for a defendant to be convicted of a criminal offence?

2.What are the differences between summary and indictable offences?

3.What is a legal ‘defence’? Describe two common defences in criminal law.

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4.Explain the different courts that exist in your State or Territory’s court hierarchy.

5.Briefly describe the following court hearings. What is the main purpose of each?

a.Summary Hearing

b.Committal Hearing

c.Jury Trial

d.Sentencing Hearing

Part Two

6.What charge is being laid against the defendant? Is this a summary or indictable offence? How do you know this? (You only need to describe the charge; you are not required to identify a specific section of legislation.)

7.For the defendant to be convicted of this offence, what would the members of the jury need to agree upon/be satisfied of?

8.Identify who is present in the courtroom and briefly describe the role you observed them perform.

9.Do you think that putting the accused in different seating positions (i.e. glass dock, regular dock, bar table) impacted on the fairness of the hearing?

10.What evidence is available for the prosecution, and how would this be used to prove that the offence was committed?

11.How is the defence lawyer arguing that the defendant is not guilty? Based on the information available, could any formal/exculpatory defences be raised to deny or limit his criminal responsibility?

12.Define the concepts of due process and the rule of law. What evidence of these did you see in the video? Do you think the accused received a fair trial?

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