Contemporary Issues in Accounting


Your task is to undertake research and report the nature of COVID related disclosures by Australian companies. You would need to select one of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed companies and analyse its COVID relevant disclosures on Corporate Websites, Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, Integrated Reports, or any other corporate reports. You can also analyse the Media reporting on the company’s COVID response. Please note this is a Research Assignment. Thus, you are expected to use a variety of academic papers, professional, and mediabased sources on top of the above resources to inform your analysis.

Referring to Deegan (2014) and all the related references on 4 (four) stages in Sustainability Reporting, in your report, you are asked to include the following points using your own words:

1.Analyze what has happened in your selected company, has there been any changes in terms of the presentation of non-financial data and in what ways (i.e., materiality assessments and integration to company’s risk assessments). Hint: You need to compare the two reports from different periods of the same companies for the analysis.

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2.Explain “why do the companies have to do so” in disclosing the materiality assessments and integration to the company’s risk assessments related to COVID-19? Hint: To address this question, you must apply one or more of the theories discussed in the course to explain why the situation might have occurred. You must provide evidence in supporting your selected theoretical approach?

3.In your own words, determine what information stakeholders need to advocate the effectiveness of companies’ response related to the global pandemic COVID-19? Hint: You might link this with issues on Ethical Dilemmas and application of the Ethical Theories.

4.Provide your analysis, do you think that Companies should disclose more on the “S” (“Social”) instead of the “E” (“Environment”) aspect for their non-financial data? Please explain in detail what sort of information stakeholders need for their investment decision making and what will be the most effective corporate reporting media in communicating non-financial information related to COVID-19 outbreak?

5.What lessons do you believe your selected corporate disclosures contain for the accounting profession? Hint: The reviews should be quite specific as opposed to the general idea.

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