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November 7, 2020
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November 7, 2020



Each student will be required to write a research paper on a “hot” topic related to a construction contracting. Topics are not limited to differing site conditions, change orders, contract delays, contract terminations (T4C or T4D), modifications, invoicing, warranties, etc., but also include specific applications of environmental law, fiscal law, zoning regulation and public safety. Here are the paper requirements:

1) Coordination in advance of topic selection with instructor

2) 4 pages (hand-written will not be accepted)

3) Times New Roman Font, Size 12

4) Utilize “FAIR” model – NOTE: Recommendation/Results earn you the most points!

5) Double Spaced

6) Single Sided

7) Include citations where necessary….do NOT plagiarize and a reference list at the end.

A list of potential hot topics can be found starting on Page 2 of this document. The “hot” topic must be analyzed using the FAIR model. The FAIR model consists of gathering the Facts, making Assumptions as necessary, developing the Issues involved, and providing Recommendation or a Result. A Reference List shall be added at the end and make sure your NAME is on your paper. Review the Rubric on Page 4 for grading and importance of each section. The business of building and maintaining public infrastructure is complex and has far reaching consequences. As a senior Contracting Level II specialty course, students are expected to be working at an advanced level and the papers should reflect sound research and require specific references to Public Law, FAR, DFARS, Agency Supplements to the FAR, and court cases to be cited.

Please remember that this is an individual assignment. In addition, students will be assigned to teams on the first day of class based on their level of experience with construction contracting. On the afternoon of the first class day, the students within each team will discuss each of their “hot” topics, pick their best, and present it to the rest of the class. The presentation is not graded. Alternatively, instructors may have students do a short presentation as their topics are discussed in class. Make sure you bring a copy of your paper to class with you.

OBJECTIVE – The objective of this exercise is to stimulate critical thinking and present several complex issues currently being encountered out in the field. These real world problems will be used throughout the course as references and examples to expand on in order to improve our understanding and application of Public Law, FAR, DFARS, court cases, and “Better Business Practices”.

ASSESSMENT – This is a graded exercise worth 15% of the overall course grade and will be assessed using the rubric on Page 4 of this document. Any questions regarding this assignment should be addressed to the lead instructor for your course offering.

Pre-Course Paper “Hot Topics”

Note: There are numerous instances where this field of government contracting is regulated by Federal Laws, Executive Orders or legal precedent. As indicated in FAR 36.104 the construction industry also follows industry standards which includes contract formats, specifications, building code, zoning regulation and in some cases state or municipal regulations. As an advanced contracting course (and one specifically identified as an elective for Level III certification) students are expected to utilize more than the FAR and DFARS in researching their assigned hot topic.

Chosen Topic:

1) Identify the historical significance and present day implications of the Davis Bacon Act (currently called Construction Wage Rate Requirements Statue). FAR 22.404

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