computer information system

they will receive the product ordered and from which contractor. Contractors want to know at the end of every day what the work schedule for the next two (2) days will be, and where (which postal code). The role for each job on the schedule (as pruner or deliverer) is also needed by the contractor, to ensure their truck is never overfull. The contractor also needs to indicate when they are unavailable (eg only work on weekends; don’t work Monday; etc).The system will combine calendaring and scheduling with a mechanism for advance notice of work schedule and messaging to find a substitute tree contractor when the most local is not available. The Eze-Mulchsystem will have a central secure database and be accessible through the web and mobile devices by the management, contractors and the clients.Eze-Mulch needs to maintain information about the clients, including whether they areindividual or corporate (such as schools, local government or businesses).Eze-Mulch should send out text messages a day before a scheduled job, and remindermessages the morning of the scheduled job. Ideally it should enable a call on a GPS system (such as Google Maps) to show where the job is and how to get there. If a scheduled contractor is unable to fulfil a job (either pruning or delivering) a notification can be sent to Eze-Mulch, which will then assign a substitute.(a)List the stakeholdersfor the proposed Eze-Mulchsystem, and in each case explain what their interest in the system is.(b)List and briefly describe the functional requirementsfor the Eze-Mulchsystem as identified in the description.(c)Using the FURPS+ categories, identify and briefly describe several non-functionalrequirements forEze-Mulch. Address all of the categories (URPS+): if you consider that anyof them are irrelevant, explain why

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