Compter Science

What do you think? As self-driving cars become more commonplace, society may face real dilemmas about how the artificial intelligence (AI) in these vehicles responds to emergency situations. Suppose a car comes over a hill and faces a stopped school bus. What should the AI do? Swerve into the woods to the right side to avoid the bus but thereby endanger the occupants of the car? Collide with the bus since the danger to the car occupants is minimal in a rear-end collision? Swerve left into oncoming traffic to avoid the bus, but possibly causing a fatal head-on collision with another vehicle? How the vehicle responds depends on how the car’s AI is programmed. Should cars always be programmed to minimize loss of human life, or should they always afford maximum protection for their occupants? Who should make this decision? What system provides the best benefit for society? Question Q1: Who should be responsible for the ethics of the AI in self-driving cars? 1Manufacturers best understand the cars so they should assume responsibility. 2Consumers should be able to choose the ethical standards of the AIs in their vehicles. 3A government agency should be responsible for setting standards to ensure fairness.

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