Composition II Project

Composition II Project

Compose an Explication Paper

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Project Introduction

This course project requires for you to compose an explication essay. An explication is the patient unfolding of meanings in a work of literature. Explication is best suited to a short passage or section of a story: a key scene, a critical conversation, a statement of them, or an opening or closing paragraph. This short passage should be no more than four sentences from the original text. This project offers you the chance to proceed carefully through the brief passage to demonstrate how that it is key to understanding the entire story. A strong explication essay interprets the passage line by line, or even word for word.

In addition to helping you with future academic work, these skills will serve you well in your professional endeavors. Many jobs, in a range of fields, will ask you to give an opinion on a topic, research the topic, and use logic, with examples to persuade others to your way of thinking.

Writing Prompt

Choose a key passage from one of the short stories that we will or have read in this course. As closely as the word count allows, write a thorough explication of a short passage (4 sentences maximum) and explain why it strikes you as being crucial to the overall understanding of the story. Develop a strong thesis sentence, and back up your argument with specific observations about the text. Flesh out your argument by supporting your thesis with evidence from the text, including quotations. Concentrate on the aspects of the passage that seem most essential.

Project Requirements

Brief Passage

· Not more than 4 sentences

Introductory Paragraph (Establishing the claim)

· 2-3 sentence attention grabber/hook

· Thesis statement that explicitly states the claim and at least three main supporting points

Body Paragraphs

· At least three body paragraphs that provide grounds and support for your thesis statement

· These paragraphs should be organized from least important to most important or least complex to most complex

Summary/Conclusion Paragraph

Submission Requirements

Submit your final essay in a Microsoft Word document of the following specifications:

· Format: MLA

· Font: Times New Roman; 12-point

· Line spacing: Double

· Length: 1,200 words

“To Build a Fire” by Jack London

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