College Communication


1. Write short answers to all the questions below. There is a specific word limit provided for each question, so follow that limit

2. Download this document and write your answer below each question. Submit the word document in the assignment dropbox before the deadline

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3. Answer the questions directly. First, provide a clear one sentence answer, and then explain your answer with specific examples from the reading by explaining its effectiveness. You should provide evidence for what you say in your answer.

4. You will be marked based on relevance, explanations, vocabulary& grammar, and sentence structure skills. Please use formal language.

5. Irrelevant and plagiarized answers will be assigned a zero. The rubric for marking your answers is attached at the end of the test


1. Lufkin (2020) makes several points/claims to prove her main argument that access to open space is related to people’s economic status, especially during Covid-19. Which persuasive appeal has been used by the author to prove his point? Providing a specific example, analyze the effectiveness of the appeal in the reading.  Answer the question in 5/6 complete sentences.

2. Which writing techniques have been used in the beginning and ending of the article to hold readers’ attention? Analyze the effectiveness of the attention getter and conclusion used in the article. Write 5/6 complete sentences to answer this question.

3. Identify a specific rhetorical mode used by the author and explain if it effectively serves the purpose of the article. Answer in 3-5 sentences.

Do you think the language used by the author is effective for the targeted audience? In 3-5 sentences, explain your answer using specific examples from the reading.

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