Chinese cinema

The format and guidelines for writing the second short report are the same as the first short report. In terms of the films to choose from, please write on ONE film that we will have watched and discussed AFTER the first short report. Choose ONE FILM from the following: “Youth” (by Feng Xiaogang) “Mr. Six” (by Guan Hu and starring Feng Xiaogang), “Eat Drink Man Woman” (by Ang Lee), “A Touch of Sin” (by Jia Zhangke), “Beijing Bicycle” (dir. Wang Xiaoshuai, discussed in my lecture on 2/11), “Suzhou River” (dir. Lou Ye, discussed in my lecture on 2/11). I might list more films by Jia Zhangke for you to choose from, such as “Xiao Wu” (Pickpocket), “24 City,” and “Still Life” (Sanxia haoren), but this depends on outcome of our lectures in the coming days.

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