Case 445

DEC 250 – Reflective Journal Response #5
October 30, 2020
Journal 9 & 10
October 31, 2020

Case 445

 Please read the case study  from page 445-448 in the text titled ” The Westerville Physician Practice: Value Stream Mapping”. Answer the questions as thoroughly as possible at the end on page 448. 

Discussion Questions 1. What are the problems in this case? 

2. Draw a current state value stream map indicating the customer, supplier, information flow, and relevant metrics. • What is the takt time? • What is the total lead time (processing + waiting)? • What is the total value added and nonvalue added time? • What is the VA/NVA percentage? 

3. Draw a new value stream map.  Using the map, describe how the system can be improved.

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