Business Question Week 2

Week 6 Discussions
October 21, 2020
Reading Response Guidelines
October 21, 2020

Business Question Week 2

Based on the readings (from the course text, the content area where you will find resource links “start here” and Week 2 Learning Resource list), complete the questions below.  Utilize headings to organize your responses.  Research outside sources, cite within your text answer and then fully cite the source at the bottom of your response.  Discussion this week center around two topics: Market Segmentation (which should be review from Principles of Marketing) and learning about Consumer Behavior Research methods.


Identify the four bases of Market Segmentation and give three market segmenting variables that demonstrate each of the four bases along with an example of each of the variables uses (brand or product category).  The example for each variable should demonstrate a heavy use of such variable in terms of a specific brand/product category  (choose best examples that predominately uses the segmenting base to market their offering).  Please organize the response by base and list the variables appropriate under each base heading.   Do not repeat peer examples.


Based on the article found in the Learning Resource tab of the classroom entitled “How Companies Learn Your Secrets” answer the following questions in order. 

a)  What surprised you the most about the article?

b)  Which approach to Consumer Behavior Research is being used?  Why?

c)  What type of question was used to retrieve most of the data (open-ended or closed-ended)?  Using the article, author two examples of closed-ended questions (no dichotomous allowed) and two examples of open-ended questions that may be added to a follow-up study to the one in the article (think of these on your own).  Be sure to include scales and proper format for the closed-ended questions.

d) Do you think this type of research is insightful and worth the money?

Need help developing closed-ended questions for c)?  Take a look at this MS PowerPoint that has been put together- hope you find it helpful!

/content/enforced/236161-M_006191-01-2175/UMUC Closed Ended Questions Powerpoint Presentation.pptx

Be sure to organize your post using the topic numbers above that correspond to each question.  Use paragraph form to respond unless otherwise indicated.   Do not repeat product categories or brands that other students have used in conference analysis prior to your own post.  Responses should include ample citations (end/foot notes) from the readings.  Outside research is required just be sure to cite within the text response and provide the whole citation entry at the bottom of the post.

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