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Essay/Exam QuestionNumber 3Question:Identify an issue/concept/theory that triggered your curiosity duringthismodule and write a two-part essay which: -1 Presents the issue/concept/theory in question. -2 Shows how that issue/concept/theory is applicable in “real life”.Due date:The exam/essay is due February 25that 11:59 am(84 hours)at 11:59 ambut I am giving everyone a 100% extension which means that the essay is due on February 27that 11:59 pm. Noessays will be accepted afterthe deadline (even if late by one minute)and late papers get an automatic zero.Expectations:Your essay is expected to contain accurate, relevant, original content and be well written. You will be graded on the relevance and quality of your essay within the context of the course topic.The essay should be seven-pages long and should be divided into two equal parts. The first part should present a theoretical concept or idea covered in the relevant module. You may pick any idea/concept/issue covered in the previous six weeks. You will need to present the idea/concept/issue in detail for approximately half of the length of the essay.You will also need to substantiate your idea/concept/issue by citing different authorsrelevant to your chosen issue/concept or theory. Important: you will need to make sure that your citations follow the academic honesty guidelines of York University. Prior to start researching their topic, all students are encouraged to take read the following document and do complete the quizhere: Thesecond part should link your chosen idea/concept/issue to “real life”. For example, if you decide to explore the concept of nationalismas seen onWeek 13(Power and Politics), you will need to show how your concept is relevant today by talking about state violencein the country of yourchoice. Here too, you may use outside sources. Your essay should be at least 6 pages in length (1 inch margin on top, bottom, left and right, 12pt font size, Times New Roman font, line spacing no larger than 1.5 spacing—and between 1500 and 1750 words). Each essay should be no longer than 8pages (will be penalized if over length)and no shorter than 6.Indent first line of each paragraph. Do not skip any lines between paragraphs and do not add any extra spacing between paragraphs. You should include your name on the first line of the essay, and optionally a title for your essay(don’t skip lines between name and title). You may skip one linebefore the first paragraph of the essay.[Any deceptive formatting tricks, such as but not limited to 14pt font for periods, will result in 0 points in the formatting row of the grade rubric.]

Citation Style: Different academic disciplines prefer different citation styles, so as this is a survey course, I do not want to require you to use a specific citation style. You may use any APA or MLA citation style(guide available here). However, you must use it correctly and consistently (e.g., no mixing styles). You do not need to tell me what citation style you are using. You must have a bibliography which must be formatted correctly for your chosen style, and does not count toward the length requirements. The actual content of your essay must meet the minimum length requirement not counting bibliography (see formatting section above), and you won’t be penalized if the only thing that goes beyond the maximum length is your reference list. There are no explicit minimum or maximum number of references required. You may use as many sources as you wishbut you will need to have a bibliography (guide available here) attached to the end of your document. Grading RubricA rangeB rangeC rangeD rangeE/F rangeRelevance to the chosen essayEntire essay is relevant to the chosen essayMost of the essay is relevant to the chosen conceptEssay contains some relevant materialEssay is significantly off the chosen conceptEssay is entirely off topic.Course relevance.Entire essay is relevant to the course.Most essay is relevant to the course.Essay contains some material relevant to the course.Essay is significantly off the topic of the course.Essay is entirely off the topic of the course.AccuracyAll supporting points made in the essay are accurate.Most supporting information in the paper is accurateMultiple inaccuracies exist, but at least one of the main points is accurateNone of the main points of the essay are supported by accurate informationEssay isentirely inaccurate.OrganizationEssay is well-organized.Essay is mostly well-organized.Multiple places where flow can be improved.Weak organizationEntirely unorganized.Grammar, mechanics, and spellingThe essay contains no grammar, mechanics, or spelling errors.The essay contains a few grammar, mechanics, or spelling errors, but they do not interfere with understanding.The essay contains several errors in grammar, mechanics, or spelling that do not interfere with understanding; or a few such errors that interfere with understanding.The essay contains several errors in grammar, mechanics, or spelling that interfere with understanding.The essay contains numerous errors in grammar, mechanics, or spelling that interfere with understandingCitationsCitation list is correctly formatted, in-text citations are done correctly, you included citations wherever necessary, you do not have any unnecessary citations, and you consistently used your chosen citation styleA couple minor errors in citation formatting, or you have a small number of unnecessary citations, or you are missing no more than 1 necessary citationSeveral unnecessary citations, or you are missing no more than 2 necessary citations, or moderate errors in citation style usageIncluded at least 1 necessary citation, but are otherwise missing more than 2. Or more severe citation formatting issues, but formatting at least partially correct.Citation formatting entirely incorrect, or are missing all necessary citations.

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