Brand Management


1. Analyse, adapt and apply fundamental marketing and brand theories and frameworks to different contexts.

2. Understand and reflect on how brand theories and frameworks can be developed and effectively leveraged to improve business and/or personal outcomes.

3. Develop and communicate a narrative for an organisation that builds on brand research and conveys effective strategic outcomes.

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4. Understand the strategic importance and sustainability of branding in different environments and contexts.

5. Provide a brief introduction to Freedom Foods. Discuss the company’s origin, history, and current brand portfolio. Clearly state the name of the brand chosen

6. Analyse the market/industry by using key statistics like size and growth of the market, industry trends, any macro factors in the PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) environment which may have an impact on the industry (only address relevant factors)

7. Identify the key competitors of your chose brand

8. Describe and evaluate the 4Ps which are currently implemented by Freedom foods for your chosen brand

9. How would these new sustainable brand strategies create strong, positive and unique associations that will resonate with target market more effectively? Ensure your recommendations flow from the SWOT analysis.

10. Briefly outline how you would measure the effectiveness/success of your strategic brand recommendati

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