Behaviour Change


This assessment task consist of writing a proposal for a project which will utilise the principles of behaviour change to achieve a positive outcome in some area of application of your own choosing. The project should not be designed to change the behaviour of an individual however, but should be intended to bring about some larger-scale change at a group or organisational level. This could be, for example, to reduce levels of behavioural problems in a public-sector environment such as a hospital or other business, to improve the academic achievement of children in a particular school, to improve interpersonal relations between staff in a company, or anything else of your choosing. Your choice of problem might relate to a situation you are aware of through personal experience, something you have read about, or anything that you might choose to invent.

1. Briefly describe the problem, your suggested solution, and what the “deliverables” will be.

2. Outline the nature of the problem.

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3.Describe your proposed intervention.

4. What will be the benefits of this intervention to the organisation, individuals, or other stake-holders. How will it be evaluated?

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