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October 26, 2020
Hey Its lab report of labs of (2,3,4,5,6 and 7) so what I need as what have written in red ( hand wite) so what I need is to have I said previously
October 26, 2020

Before Posting to the Board:

Before Posting to the Board:

Read: Tatar, “Introduction to Hans Christian Andersen” (Norton 212-216), “The Little Mermaid” (Norton 216-232) and view Hans Christian Andersen’s Biographical Context Screencast (6:27)

with the added links if you need them and The Concept of Transcendence and Utopia (from Andersen’s Perspective) Screencast (7:20)

 Create an Original Post responding to the two prompts (5-10 sentences each). Use specific quotes/examples to help you explain. You might consider metaphors, symbols, and language as well.

Paragraph 1: Where do you see one of Andersen’s basic biographical experiences re-formed as fairytale? What do you make out of this magical re-forming of this specific real experience–what might be the purpose do you think? How might you relate to his magically real experience (empathize)?

Example of biographical experiences: His relationships, poverty—success, feeling of being out of place or bullied (abjection), young singer, etc.

Paragraph 2: Where do you see Andersen’s views on transcendence or perhaps the “eastern” belief in reincarnation? Can you explain how this reincarnation/idealistic overcoming might relate to our own struggle for “Inclusive Excellence”? Why might this dream of transcendence or inclusion be so important in our community?

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