Based Yushan Bicycles: Learning to Ride Abroad

Leadership Development Portfolio
November 16, 2020
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November 16, 2020

Based Yushan Bicycles: Learning to Ride Abroad

Based Yushan Bicycles: Learning to Ride Abroad

Case Assignment

Please answer the following questions based on the information provided in the case and the theoretical concepts discussed in class. Although the case is appended to chapter 3 and deals mainly with the concepts therein, you may use concepts from other chapters also. Please be analytical; merely reproducing information from the case is not sufficient.

1. Based on Yushan’s international Strategy described in the case, what mentality would you say the company’s top management possessed? Justify your answer based on the concepts discussed in class.

Multinational mentality:

· Recognize and emphasize differences among national markets

· Modifying products, strategies, and management practices country by country

· Nationally responsive strategies of the company’s worldwide subsidiaries

· Autonomous subsidiaries

International Strategy:

· Core competencies are centralized (knowledge and production capabilities, adapted country by country: engineering, marketing and personnel is centralized)

· Subsidiaries are autonomous profit centers adapting their approaches to local markets themselves.

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