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Answering the question

” A pond with 100 m3 volume is filled with wastewater containing a pathogenic organism. The pond is operated as a batch reactor. The pathogens are dying off in the pond following first-order reaction kinetics,k1 equals 0.4 d-1a) Calculate the required reaction time to reduce the pathogen concentration to 1%. The pond will be operated […]

empirical research

” related files are uploaded in archive file named files.zip u can get access to it by clicking the following link to download.https://mega.nz/file/PI0mzDCI#daCkvp9rYc4l92u1bcsE…code has to be placed in template.py file

Algebra Problems

” Combine terms: 12a + 26b -4b – 16a.Simplify: (4 – 5) – (13 – 18 + 2).Multiply: (x – 4) (x + 5)Factor: 5×2 – 15x – 20.Factor: 3y(x – 3) -2(x – 3).Solve for x: 2x – y = (3/4)x + 6.Simplify:(4×2 – 2x) – (-5×2 – 8x).Find the value of 3 + […]

150 words response to The Tanzimat and the Meiji Restoration

” 150 words respond to the comment below after reading the two documents attached: “I definitely think “forces of modernity” presents in these documents. For example, the oath of the Meiji Restorations show that they are pursuing a free, democratic and equal country, like “all matters decided by public discussion”, “The common people shall each […]