Assignment: Organizational Quality Statement

HA3110D – Quality Improvement and Risk Management

LP10.1 Assignment: Organizational Quality Statement

For this assignment, consider the organization you now work in, or  if you are not currently employed, consider your last employer.

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Compare the culture of your current employer (or last employer, if not currently employed) to Demings’s Quality Principles:

.Help people do a better job.

.Drive out fear.

.Break down barriers.

.Restore pride of workmanship.

.Make quality everyone’s job.

Does this employer lead by example? Encourage open dialogue? Does  management seek views and ideas? Does everyone have clear expectations  for their expected level of performance? Do leaders provide reward and  recognition for a job well done?

With that in mind, answer these questions:

1.If there was no bonus at stake, or if everyone got the same bonus  for achieving collective goals, would your work deteriorate? Why or why  not?

2.If other people on your team were to get 100 percent of the bonus  but you didn’t, would you feel motivated or de-motivated? Inspired to  excel or depressed? Rewarded or punished? Be specific. Explain  thoroughly.

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