Assignment C

Select one set of questions below to focus your writing.

  1. What is a responsive environment and what does it look and feel like?
  2. Consider how a responsive environment might nurture children’s dispositions to learn. Select one of the five dispositions to learn (play and playful, seeking, participating, persisting, caring) and describe how a responsive environment would invite children to experience this disposition fully.
  3. How can an environment reflect each child, his or her family, and their social and cultural practices and traditions? Why would this matter?
  4. How can an environment communicate the image of the child as a mighty learner and citizen? Why would this be important?
  5. After reading Margie Carter’s article Environment as the Third Teacher, consider what this phrase means to you in terms of your understanding about responsive environments. How might you design an ELCC playroom to reflect this concept? More importantly, why would you design the room in the way you recommended?

Topic Two – 
Consider the framework of holistic play-based goals. Select one of the goals that you either connect with on a professional level or would like to know more about. Read the introduction to the goal, the three facets, and all the descriptors. Reflect on this goal for your written assignment by answering the following questions:

  1. Describe why you selected this goal.
  2. Why would this goal be important for young children?
  3. How might educators create a responsive environment for children to: explore this goal inside and outdoors through play
  • listen to, and share literature, music, and art
  • make connections within your local program
  1. How might you integrate this goal within your professional practice?
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