Art Assignment 3 – Essay 1700 words (Aka: 4/2/2021)


An inquiry based research paper of 1500-2000 words. Choose a topic from the list below. This paper will be the finished project you proposed in your first written assignment. Some changes to your project will be expected – that is typical in research, which is almost never linear and straight-forward. However, if you have decided to move away from your first topic, please check with me first. These are broad topics and you will need to find a narrow focus within them.  Your paper should have at least five (5) academic reference courses.  This should not include your textbook, Wikipedia, Brittania, Encarta, or any other on line dictionaries or other very short non-academic Internet entries.  You have access to on line academic journals through the University of Manitoba library system.  This is the best place for you to begin your search on your chosen topic. JSTOR is one online example through the UofM library system that has a lot of resources that may be helpful as you research. If you do not know how to conduct on line research, please visit the library and ask for help from the reference librarian. Your paper should be submitted through UMLearn in the corresponding Assignment Folder.   Will send studnet acess after hire

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