Applied Ethics and Law for Health Service Managers

Option 1 You have been approached by the clinical team leader of a multi-disciplinary team who has a critically ill patient, Mr Johnson, who has been in a vegetative state for more than four days.  The patient does not have any supported/substituted decision-making instruments in place (i.e. advanced health directive, power of attorney or living will) and cannot make decisions for himself.  The family are divided on what the next course of action should be with some wanting life support removed claiming that Mr Johnson has previously expressed that he never wanted to be left in a vegetative state on life support if there was no chance of recovering from it.  Other family members claim they have never heard this from him.  The family want the clinical team to make the decision. Using the Markkula Centre for Applied Ethics’ framework which is discussed in the material on the course site, discuss how you would come to a decision in respect of the ethical dilemma chosen. You should put yourself in the position of the health service manager decision-maker What would your ethical decision be and on what is the rationale and evidence would base your decision? I get marks 40 for this assignment for I don’t apply framework of Makkula centre(very significant)..and no evidence based decision

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