Annotated Bibliography of a Nursing Research Article

You are interested in strategies that may be utilized to promote smoking cessation among pregnant adolescents.

Download one article and submit an annotated bibliography for the article utilizing APA 6th edition format

Basically this annotated bibliography should reflect what the article says and WHY IT IS A HELP FOR YOU IN YOUR PROJECT. So, in addition to the summary of the article you can discuss things like :

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Author’s/authors’ credibility or expertise on the subject. A review of the reference list at the end of the article will give you a hint as to whether the author is an expert in the field. For instance – If I wrote an article on psychotherapy in post menopausal women or wounded veterans, you should ask yourself WHY is the Neonatal NP writing on this topic? What is her expertise? I can assure you I have no expertise in the field and you should be wary of any conclusions I would draw.

What do you think about the content of the article? Did it help you?

Is it clearly written? Is it timely or too old to be of help for you in 2016? Some articles are classics and withstand the test of time but others may be beyond their “shelf life”.

Please pay extra attention to Spelling, Grammar, APA Format in order to not lose points.

Review should be a comprehensive.

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