An Introduction to Accounting

With the company you have chosen, create a professional report with the following components

  1. Title Page
  2. Description of your company’s business in detail
  3. Description of your company’s main competitors, and how your company compares to them
  4. Description of the entire industry
  5. Computation of relevant financial ratios over four years including:
  6. Profitability ratios
  7. Liquidity ratios
  8. Solvency Ratios
  9. Growth ratios
  10. Efficiency ratios
  11. Interpretation of each of the ratios, including a description/definition of each ratio utilized and     commentary on what the trend of that ratio is saying about the company
  12. Commentary on the overall performance of the company and its potential in the future.
  13. Visualizations of  each ratio to support analysis
  14. Comment on the company from the user perspective of an investor and a creditor
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