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We need to write a Technical Report on Control analysis of a Gas Turbine. I have attached a file with the laid out outline of my report, feel free to add on more key elements to my report that would aid the presentation of it. It needs a list of figures and all the figures explained in the body. few data sheets in list of tables. All the figures need to be cited and talked about in the paragraphs. All the findings need to be referenced in APA7 style citation and all the paragraphs need in text citation within paragraphs. (References preferred from Gas turbine engineering books and scholar articles) One of the Figures needs to be of P&ID of the combustion process of the gas turbine and one of PFD of the of gas turbine. Proper citation is definitely of the utmost priority , hence why I have attached a cope of APA 7 guideline. I have also attached other files that may help elaborate what i may have missed in this description, please review them carefully. This is a Capstone project for me and I need someone with instrumentation and controls engineering background to help me with this report.

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