500 word reflective paper

*the altered concept now associated with this written assignment is to ‘reflect’ on what expectations would have been, should the world not have succumbed to COVID-19, allowing volunteers to assist NONPROFIT organizations affiliated with NLC/DCCCD* 

Service Learning should be understood to be an information, professional opportunity for students to:

1) Determine what community organization(s) are most interesting to them, and for what reason(s);

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2) Contact organization of choice asap and arrange visit -OR- get right into volunteering, if possible;

3) Commit to as close to 15+hrs of community service as possible, and manage a ‘sign-in sheet’ confirming time devoted to serving organization of choice [*strongly recommend to have this timesheet signed by supervisor each time students work with organization, and hrs added up*]; and finally

4) Complete a brief [500-word] statement ‘reflecting on experiences’ with organization [*a class email has been sent out encouraging students who were unable to volunteer with any desired organization to complete this ‘paper’ assignment to the best of their abilities to generate some credit towards partial completion of this collective task*] – below are expectations for what to include in your paper:


Reflection Paper Assignment:


i.     Describe the work you did for Service Learning.

ii.     How did the work benefit the community?

iii.     How did your Service Learning experience help you do better in your course?

iv.     How did your coursework help you with the work you did for Service Learning?

v.     How did the Service Learning experience impact you personally?

vi.     How did the Service Learning experience impact your future career?

vii.     Any final thoughts?


1. Physically volunteering with a NON-PROFIT Organization affiliated with NLC/DCCCD is not mandatory, however if you have already done so and include a time-sheet confirming time committed, your efforts will be considered as extra credit points [10pts/hr.];

2. The Reflection Paper is expected regardless whether you physically volunteered or not [this paper should be based off desired expectations that would have been gained from working with a NON-PROFIT ORG. of your choice should the ‘human experience’ be in a different state than current times ~ COVID-19];

3. Users should also notice a link included just below the set of questions associated with this assignment, a link that should move users into another tab of eCampus, which serves as a reference to identify a NON-PROFIT Org. already partnered with NLC/DCCCD [again, this list is included to help identify an organization if you have never volunteered with community organizations before, however if you already have an organization in mind simply confirm that they are a NLC/DCCCD approved partner ~ please keep your selections to this list].


https://www.dcccd.edu/slife/servicelearn/pages/agencies.aspx -LINK TO ORGS.

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