West Fertilizer Company Fire and Explosion Investigation Report Review

Access the   West Fertilizer Company Fire and Explosion Investigation Report  . Review the key components of the investigation report (Note: you are not expected to read the entire report. Review only what is needed to complete the case study. Refer to your required reading assignment for specific sections.) Write a minimum of two pages analyzing the following key concepts:

· Identify hazardous chemicals that could have caused the explosion.

· Determine what type of chemical reaction took place, and identify if it was exothermic or endothermic in nature and if it was a precipitation, acid/base, or oxidation/reduction event.

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· Explain what measurement technique could be used to quantify the airborne hazard after the chemical reaction took place.

Your case study should have a title page and a reference page that do not count in the minimum two page count. You should have a minimum of one source (the report). Your case study should follow APA guidelines.

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