2 part humanitarianism and philosophy assignment


part 1: Collect 2 to 3 images that to you represent what “humanitarianism’ is about & Write a 1-2 paragraph reflection on why you choose these images.  part 2: Should we pay people money to get vaccinated for Covid?  Why or why not? The task is either to argue in favor of paying people money to get vaccinated OR to argue against paying people to do so. Begin by briefly setting the stage for the argument by explaining the threat posed by Covid and some of the details about payment discussed in the reading.  Focus, however, on properly setting out and defending your position, making sure that your premises support your conclusion and that all crucial premises are supported as well.  It’s not necessary to discuss potential objections to your position or payment in kind for this assignment.  You may do so, if you like, but only if you have already presented a sufficiently well-developed, clear argument for or against paying people to get vaccinated, and you have the space for further discussion. Details: SDSWA must Be 100-300 words.  It’s okay to go over 300 words so long as everything you’re saying is relevant and advancing the discussion. Be uploaded in file format .doc, .docx, or .rtf. PDFs will not be accepted Be 1.5 point or double-spaced. Include a word count, excluding Works Cited or References Include citations – e.g. (SL, 291). And, you must work closely with the texts discussed in class.  We strongly recommend that you not use outside sources, but if you do, you should not do so at the expense of the assigned materials, and you must include full citations of any unassigned material you use.

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