2 Page Public Health Paper Not Including Title And Reference Communication Tools On Prescription Drug Overdose

2 pages not including title and reference page min 4 references APA format

DUE 3/24 10 P.M EST

PUBLIC HEALTH: Communication Tools

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Part II: Communication Tools (2 pages) not including title and reference page



(Include SUB HEADINGS in paper)

· Describe and justify the types of communication and social media tools you would like to use in the dissemination of your campaign (prescription drug overdose)

· Explain two reasons why the tools you selected are appropriate for your target audience

· Explain two ways you might adjust your public health message based on the type of social media you may use in your public health campaign

· Explain three reasons why it may be necessary to adjust your message depending upon age, community, and potential literacy levels of your target audience

· Describe two ways you plan to market your public health campaign

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