• Pathophysiology of approved exemplar.

NOTE: Research from at least 50% professional nursing journals (2009 – 2015).
Additional references may be from appropriate medical/nursing websites or other journals

• Pathophysiology of approved exemplar.
• Nursing process: Using narrative format
o Incorporate 5 of these nursing concepts: cognition, stress and copping, caring, comfort, wellness , grief and loss (organized by priority)
o Nursing assessment for a client with disorder
o Appropriate plan of care (client goals, nursing interventions and expected outcomes) for a client with disorder.
• Diagnostic tests or lab findings used as major criteria for confirming diagnosis.
• Treatment options. Also include holistic or alternative modalities.
• Patient teaching/education, including community resources for ongoing support.
• Prognosis – expected outcomes for clients.

• Utilize minimum of 8 resources. Five from recent nursing/professional journals.
• The course textbook may be included as one reference.
• APA format is required. No abstract is required. Use subheadings to separate content and organize the content

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Each concept mentioned about has to be applied:
1With assessing it,
1. Diagnose it,
2. Applicable plan of care,
3. Intervention,
4. Evaluating it

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